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Рассказ на тему посещение чего-либо на английском языке. Любое место

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Рассказ на тему посещение чего-либо на английском языке. Любое место.

  • In the summer my parents and I was resting in the forest. We settled down at the recreation center . Our cabin was among the pine trees , their legs looked in our windows . Looking out the window early in the morning , I saw red squirrels , pine jumps from a pine tree . If they were hungry , then fell to the ground.
    Every time we went into the woods in search of mushrooms and berries , birds anxiously cried out , and on the tops of the firs sound went far, far down the chain . I assumed that birds that are closer to us, warn others that are moving in the direction of their people . They serve alarm. Mom and Dad have confirmed my thought . And dad said that people often due to their negligence suit or forest fires ravage birds’ nests , so forest dwellers are afraid of humans.
    I was hurt and pain for the people who do it , but I was glad that I noticed restless behavior of birds. In the future, I’ll try not to scare them , and do not worry . You can observe nature without destroying it .

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