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Рассказ про свою школу, по примеру 12-15 предложений!

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Рассказ про свою школу, по примеру ( 12-15 предложений!!!)

  • He school gym . In the corner there is a ping- pong table. On the reverse of four high school student being asked to play. Gym teacher is preparing for classes with vtoroklashkami and politely sends girls. Those are not inferior , confident in its irresistible — studs , short skirts and a pound of makeup. Then the gym teacher just turns away , and builds vtoroklashek … — equaled! Attention! Well, big girls will tickle ? — YES! — Happy kids . — Banzai ! — Ordered the gym teacher . Made happy kids snapped up screaming schoolgirls . On this day the record was set on running in high heels indoors.

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