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с английским

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помогите с английским)

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    1Slave trade stopped over 200 years ago
    2who did you like most in your last school
    3we didnt understand a lecture last week
    4when did you take your lst exam
    5when jack arrived  tell us the news
    6why did you start learning english

    Exercise 1
    1 lives
    2 visited
    3did you go out
    4 speaks
    6didnt see
    7do you know 
    8will arrive
    10didnt like

    Exercise 2
    1 ‘m
    2 Do

    Exercise 3
    1 where
    2 why
    3 what
    4 how
    5 whose
    6 who
    7 which
    8 when

    exercise 4
    1 what are they doing?
    2 when did James arrived?
    3where does she live?
    4From where Jonna comes
    5can you drive,
    6which type of music do tou like?
    7How much does it cost?
    8Did he enjoy the film?
    9when are they coming?

    1 lives
    2 dont speak
    3 forgets
    4 finishes
    5 doesnt eat
    6 go
    7 plays
    8 have

    1 is studying
    2 arent going
    3isnt enjoying
    4are you seeing
    5 are you going
    6are they loughing
    7 is having
    8arent listening

    1 Mario comes from Italy
    2we usually go by bus
    3he speaks Mandarin and Japanese
    4what a great meal everyone is enjoying it
    5 i love coffee
    6what are you doing tonight

    1 goes
    2 think
    3 are meeting
    4 are you doing
    5 looks
    6 are you coming

    1 I have six cousins 
    i have got six cousins
    2 do we have any milk?
    have we got any milk?
    3he doesnt have a car
    he hasnt got a car
    4my car has CD player
    my car has got CD player

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