Решение домашних заданий

с упражнением А

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Помогите с упражнением А 

  • 1. today is cold, because today is autumn.
    2. today i am happy, because i get 5 in school.
    3.i like mathematics, because I like to solve examples.
    4.i like read the books, because i like stories.
    5.i want go to England, because here very beautiful
    пиши примерно так или зайди в переводчик;)
  • 1.Today is cool. because it is the autumn
    2.I am happy today because I got a good grade in school
    I do not like math because I do not understand it
    4.I like to read books because books are very interesting
    5.I want to go to England because I‘ve never been there
    6.I do not want to be a doctor because I’m afraid
    I do not know
    I love winter because I love snow
    I love summer and winter. Summer I love because I have a holidays and I go to the sea.

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