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Сочинение на тему «как я провел летние каникулы»

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сочинение на тему  «как я провел летние каникулы»

  • Summer holidays wonderful time of year. 
    This summer was very hot! 
    I have a lot of swimming, sunbathing and fun. 
    Sometimes she worked in the store. 
    Summer’s dad’s birthday and we went to the barbecue. 
    In August, I went to my grandmother, brothers and sisters …
    We walked in Minsk, went to a cafe and had fun in the park. 
    The weather was wonderful during the summer! 
    When I arrived home, the rains began. 
    We ate a lot of watermelons. I love them. 
    And at the end of August, I was getting ready for school. 
    I believe that the holidays were great. 

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