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Сочинение на тему кем я хочу стать

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сочинение на тему кем я хочу стать

  • From an early age we dream of some professions ( often — not even for one , but several .) But over time, people began to think more seriously : » What do I still want to be? » This question I ask myself and I have . My answer is this: I want to become a journalist and work in a newspaper , magazine or on TV. It seems to me that this work — my calling. What do I find attractive in this profession ? I’ll try to explain. First, the work of a journalist — a very interesting , varied and creative . In my opinion , it can not be bored or boring . Journalists write about different topics (although they do have a variety of interests ) , often in different cities and countries , there are a lot of interesting people. Their work is a mystery — because you often do not even know in the morning, where you will soon be sent , and what will the job ! Second, journalists do not simply describe the events , but they can influence them. For example, they can help some person , describing his trouble or problem immediately a huge number of people. Or correspondents describe any conflict by helping to understand it and to punish those responsible. The journalist is almost always the first to know the latest news and rushes to tell others about them . He should be honest and decent (though there are unscrupulous journalists, but I would not want to learn from them ) . Yet this profession requires indifference , curiosity and sociability . I like to work with a word — writing texts , talk about events , ask questions to different people and so on. Also, I like to communicate with peers and adults and can not live without daily communication. That is why I believe that I can work as a journalist . Now I try to write short articles and notes , some of them published. I would like to one day create their own journals or transfer . Subject to the youth . Here you can talk on a variety of subjects: psychology, school, fashion, music , travel and go on.
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