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Сочинение на тему My favorite part of the day

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Сочинение на тему My favorite part of the day 

  • There are 4 parts of the day: morning, afternoon, evening and night.  My favourite part of the day, it’s evening! Because of school and my privite teachers i become very tired. In the evening I come home without any though about school or what i should write or do. In the evening I can do all that I want. At first i want to eat, because i havent got a lot of time to eat during the day. Then i can chat with my friend in the internet, to talk with my mother and to discuss my secrets or problems.  Of course i like to talk with my friends on telephone, we should discuss all moments of the day and planned what we will do on weekend. And if i don’t know to do, i can sleep and have a good rest. So I like evening.

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