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Сочинение по английскому «Как быть хорошим другом»Помогите, очень надо

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Сочинение по английскому «Как быть хорошим другом»
Помогите, очень надо

  • Being a good friend slozhno.Nado initially gain confidence, make friends with your drugom.Horoshy friend always helps his friend in a moment, rescues in difficult momentov.S best friend always interestno can share knowledge or skills, and a best friend should be protected.
  • My name is Sergey. I’m twelve years old. I’m in the sixth grade. I have a
    lot of friends but I want to tell about my best friend. His name is
    Alexander. He’s my school-mate. Sasha is cheerful, inquisitive and kind.
    He is very responsive. He will help me in hour of need. I always can
    rely on him. Sasha goes to sports school. He is very tall that’s why he
    goes in for basketball. On weekends we play football or cycle. Sometimes
    we go fishing and fish crucians. Also he is fond of playing computer games
    and watching horror films. His favourite films are “Saw” and “Scream”.
    We often go to the cinema. Sasha is true friend. My father says that I’m
    lucky because I have so reliable and true friend. I value our

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