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Сочинение по английскому. На тему cultural rights

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Сочинение по английскому.На тему cultural rights

  • A.P.Chekhov told: the person everything has to be fine: both person, and clothes, both soul, and. And this statement of the Russian writer remains actual century later in spite of the fact that time goes, times and customs change. Whether it is important to be the cultural person today? It is possible to answer this question with one simple word: ;Yes! ;. But, it appears, cultural for many people to be very difficult. It is easier to be rude, litter, misbehave, to talk smut, remain indifferent to violence and cruelty. The culture is both education, and education, and spirituality. The well-mannered person never will make a bad act, will always come to the rescue to the neighbor. The educated person never will tell the rough word and will express the thoughts competently. The cultural person will estimate a work of art and never will allow to behave unworthy at theater or at a concert. I am surrounded by a great number of cultural people to whom I am grateful for their lessons: my parents, my teachers, my friends and simply good acquaintances. I study at them to much, first of all culture of behavior, culture of communication and thought expression. It is necessary to impart love to culture since the early childhood. If we, children, saw only a positive example of adults in behavior, in communication, in the relation to life, the question of such small number of cultural people in modern society wouldn’t stand so sharply! Whether it is so important to be the cultural person today? I consider that this concept doesn’t depend on time. Cultural it is necessary to be always! But it is necessary to be called not simply as that, it is important to correspond to this definition. It is difficult, but, believe, very interestingly and it is so necessary for our society! Really, important or not in modern society to be really the cultural person or it is more convenient to seem to that? Whether there is a place in the modern world to people of honor, «to knights without fear and reproach»? That is more honest: to win an arrangement of people or by means of the principle at me everything is grabbed with personal qualities, for everything is paid;? Questions of this sort, in my opinion, become recently more and more actual. Gradually passes «boom of moneymaking» material benefits, the people start reflecting and on soul (and again a question: what it is a craze or true aspiration to spiritual enrichment? ) . To define a concept ;cultural person essence, it is necessary to have a clear idea of segments, it making: I.Q., education, education, outlook, moral principles, and, maybe, weight, growth, purse size, social status? It seems that everything is extremely simple, and, undoubtedly, the one who is well educated, ethic, socially focused is cultural, culturological is grounded. Question in other: whether such person is necessary to modern society? Whether there will be he the black sheep among extreme birds of prey? Everyone has to look for the answer to the question posed in itself(himself). To define own ethical and moral installations – means to create norms of personal behavior, and also idea of socially significant, socially accepted and carried-out rules. Once having defined for itself concept of truly cultural person, you already solve itself, whether you are capable to become that, it is how important for you now. Certainly, society lives under the laws and demands submission by it, and each person independently makes the decision as to treat them. But any the made decision, never people will be able to refuse the warm address, interesting and useful communication, from pleasure to listen to a compliment … Therefore also it is necessary to address to a question of importance of a cultural basis of life of society, of problems of personal degradation of generations even more often. Together we will be able to achieve that descendants will speak about us as about society of the high cultural principles!

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