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Сочинение срочно, 10 предложений пожалуйста на англ языке на тему:Что я привыкла делать

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Сочинение срочно, 10 предложений пожалуйста на англ языке на тему:Что я привыкла делать.

  • I play computer games. List them useless, because they are many. But my favorite game quests. This adventure with riddles, puzzles and mysteries. These games too, I develop. I better cope with puzzles
  • Every morning is a new day. To me 17 years, but I already have interests. For example, I like to play computer games on days off, I simply already got used to it. As, coming from school I sit down at lessons as it already became not only a habit, but also my debt, after all I go to school. During week-end I got used to walk down the street, to enjoy conversations with my parents, to have a rest.
    Вот так, к  примеру. Такое подойдет?

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