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Сочините страшную историю на английском языке

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Сочините страшную историю на английском языке.

  •  My
    story is about a girl Alice. She returned home after classes, was a
    very dark night. People had all fled to their homes. Alice this
    situation very frightened, but she had not mean that she is afraid
    suddenly she saw a police car near her home, she slowing down ran to the
    house, but how fast she ran she stayed away from the house. Suddenly
    she somehow not known way got to the attic. On the walls hung dolls and
    bad-smelling, portraits on the face of scars. She was very scared and
    about to cry, as she heard the steps….. She crawled under the table.
    After a minute she heard screams and as breathing right behind her…
    Then, I felt as something touched and broke her dress. She realized that
    the assistance, when suddenly she saw a light, and noticed how cold is
    gone… And then saw the policeman who had called her, she ran up to him
    and told all about the claws of the cold. HE said that it was a monster
    that killed her family, and their portrait appears on his wall… Soon
    she was in another family that had moved from that horrible city… What
    would have happened to Alice if not for the police… Suddenly the
    night she heard a thud in the next room.. She noticed the wet and huge
    footprints on the carpet, and then the doll that I saw on the attic. She
    woke parents who caught the monster killed, now Alice is not in danger,
    but still keep girls senses that it is next!…

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