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Составить 9 предложений, чтобы 3 было утвердительных,3 отрицательных,3 вопросительных, со словами see, hear, know, understand, like, love, hate, prefer, want

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Составить 9 предложений,чтобы 3 было утвердительных,3 отрицательных,3 вопросительных ,со словами see,hear,know,understand,like,love,hate,prefer,want.

  • 1) I saw her at school yesterday morning.
    2) I like reading interesting books.
    3) I want to be an office manager.
    4) I did not hear the noise last night.
    5) I do not know where he is.
    6) They did not love her.
    7) Do you understand the question?
    8) Do you hate reading books?
    9) What do you prefer doing in your free time?
  • I hear the sound «Mew! Mew!».
    I love you.
    I hate porridge.

    My mother doesn’t like to drink orange juice.
    He doesn’t want to be a doctor.
    I can’t play the guitar.

    Do you prefer hot and strong coffee to tea?
    Do you understand your teacher?
    What do you know about England?

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