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Составить предложения с фразамиto spend the holidaysto spend a lot of time doing smthto go to schoolto go abroad to go shoppingto miss friendsto miss

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составить предложения с фразами
to spend the holidays
to spend a lot of time doing smth
to go to school
to go abroad 
to go shopping
to miss friends
to miss a good film
to take part in
to take care of
to take place in

  • We usually spend the holidays in the countryside
    I spend a lot of time swimming in the swimming-pool
    Kate and I go to school together
    Last tear they went abroad 
    My sister likes to go shopping
    I missed my  friends when I was in the summer camp
    She doesn’t want to miss a good film
    We’ll take part in the competition next week
    My friend takes care of her pets
    Our meeting will take place in the park tomorrow afternoon

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