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Составить страшилку на английском языке про приведение в замке. 8-12 предложений! P. S кто выполнит дам 40 баллов

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СРОЧНО!!!!!!!          Составить страшилку на английском языке про приведение в замке. 8-12 предложений!!!!! P.S кто выполнит дам 40 баллов

  • Here freely. Come on, do not be shy.
    We will not be disturbed
    Wipe your feet! Come on, take your coat off,
    The maid pastries decompose.

    This castle 1000 years
    They say residents here are dying …
    But what I asked you,
    I live here recently.

    Yesterday’s pile of skulls found in the basement,
    The skeleton in the closet, and the liver in flasks ..
    Today, the pentagram disturbed ..
    Take, here, jam the banks ..

    Are you scared? No, do not be afraid!
    This friendly ghost!
    Oh, and that ax? Ugh, take it easy!
    Excess rustling we do not need …

    What? Strange taste of the wine?
    Ha-ha! This is just a morphine ..
    But where a servant? That’s it!
    Bring a guest poison me kofy …

    Come ghost! Dismember!
    Let the blood splatters on the walls!
    Let’s ghost! Tearing!
    You’re all the joints, the flesh and veins!

    One more soul to the treasury,
    Another plus skull in our mountain.
    Bring maid meat fork
    Now it will be a feast fit …

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