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Составьте пожалуйста диалог используя времена Present Simple, Present Continoues

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составьте пожалуйста диалог используя времена Present Simple ,Present Continoues

  • -How do you spend your free time? What do you enjoy the most?
    -Well, I usually go in for sports and listen to music.
    -What type of music do you prefer?
    -I like rock and jazz music.
    -Cool! I’m planning to go to one really cool concert next week.
    -Sounds fantastic! 
  • Hey, what are you doing ?

    Hey, i am preparing for my report. I never do reports, but i need such a good mark, and you?

    I’m listening to the music. I’m feeling some bored. Tell me about what is your report?

    Well, that is about different countries. First of all i write about America, that is amazing country. And i need some help, about what other country can i write?

    Ohh, write about Scotland! We are studying this country at school now. And it is perfect, with a lit of gardens and parks.

    Thank you for help, i’m writing about Scotland right now !

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  1. 12 марта 2017 в 16:00 – Ответить

    sakit jiwa… sakit jiwa… heheheuga ada bakat jadi ilmuwan mending jangan dilakukan gimana?kalo skripsi juga ga boleh tuh kalo maksud dan tujuan penelitian ga kontributif mah heuuueheuhhe

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