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ВОТ ЗАДАНИЯ:Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect tense.-the postcome?-Yes, it..-How long you knowMr Pinky?- Iknow him for ten years

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ВОТ ЗАДАНИЯ:Put the verbs in  brackets into the Present Perfect tense.
-the post(come)?-Yes ,it……
-How long you (know)Mr Pinky?- I(know) him for ten years
-You ever (leave) a restaurant without paying the bill?- No, i…..
-Why you (not do) your home task?- I(not have) time
I often (see) her but I never (speak)  to her

  • Has the post come? — Yes? it has
    How long have you known Mr Pinky? — I have known him ten years
    Have you ever leaved a restaurant without paying a bill? — No, i have not
    Why have  you not done your home task? — i have not had time
    I have often seen her but i have never spoken to her

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