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Задайте 10 вопросов к тексту! Two BrothersOnce there were two brothers, Peter and Bernard. Bothof them liked to ride horses. One day they

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Задайте 10 вопросов к тексту!!!! Срочно!!!!
Two Brothers

Once there were two brothers, Peter and Bernard. Both
of them liked to ride horses. One day they both went to buy a horse. Bernard
bought a horse and Peter bought a horse, too.

«Oh, dear!» said Bernard. «How are we
going to tell our horses apart? How shall I know which is my horse and which is
your horse?»

«It isn’t difficult,» said Peter, «you
cut the tail of your horse shorter than that of mine.»

So Bernard cut the tail of his horse and now they
could see which horse was his. But then the tail of Bernard’s horse grew and
the brothers began to think again.

«I know!» said Bernard. «You cut the
mane of your horse very short and so we’ll see which horse is yours.»

But soon the mane of his horse grew.

«Do you know what we must do?» asked Peter.
«We must see whose horse is longer. Perhaps, one is longer than the

And at last they found that the black horse was three
centimeters longer than the white horse.

  • 1.What are brothers names? 
    2. What did they buy?
    3. What did Peter think to decide their problem ?
    4. What did happend with Bernards horse tail ?
    5. How did Bernard decide their problem again?
    6. What has happend when tail grew up?
    7. Which horse black or white was longer?
    P.s. на самом деле текст ни о чем и тяжело было составить вопросы. остальные три не могу придумать

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