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Заполните пропуски соответствую­щими модальными глаголами. must, should, would, ought to, needn’t, can, could, may, might They. not do this work th

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Заполните пропуски соответствую­
щими модальными глаголами. 
(must, should, would, ought to, needn’t, can, could,
may, might)

1. They… not do this work themselves 2. You… take
my dictionary. 3. You don’t look well, you… consult the
doctor. 4. Why… I give you my money? 5. She… not
speak any foreign language. 6. He… to help them, they
need his help. 7. … you tell me the time? 8. … I go with
you? No, you…. 9. Your daughter… have told about it.
10. In winter we… often skate. 11. You… not miss your
classes. 12. … you play the piano before?

  • 1-саn.2-may,3-might,4-should,5-can not,6-needn’t,7-can,8-ought to,ought not to,9-could,10-may,11-should

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